Local Diez Arquitectura, founded in Monterrey in 1995 by Arch. DIEGO HERNANDEZ, we are an Ephemeral Architecture Design Studio that brought together recognised architects, industrial designers, carpenters, engineers and electricians from Monterrey, Mexico City and Guadalajara.

Our signature is to create vanguard design entered on client needs. We are constantly seeking to achieve maximum differentiation through a creative understanding of the relation among architecture, marketing, corporate communication and product advertising.

Our architects have developed in the last years of professional activity stands, product exhibition outlets, furniture, corporate interior design and habitation design. By 2010 we had designed, manufactured and mounted more than 16,140 square foot of stands and 80 product exhibit stores in Mexico and United States.

In 2010 our studio began to experiment with recycled materials like maritime containers and wood recuperated from other projects. These experiment lead to the design of the stand for Porcelanite Lamosa in Coverings 2010 that is the premier international trade fair and expo dedicated exclusively to showcasing the newest in ceramic tile and natural stone.

Their main clients are: Lamosa Tile and Flooring, Porcelanite, Firenze, Daltile, Tecnoarte, Lamosa Sanitary Ware, Ceramat, Lowe’s Mexico, Rolcar, among others.


    Coverings (USA)
  • Lamosa: Best in Show 2006-2007 (Orlando, Florida).

  • Lamosa-Firenze: Best in Show 2008 (Orlando, Florida).

  • Lamosa: Overall Best in Show 2010 (Orlando, Florida).

  • Porcelanite Lamosa: Best in Show 2011 (Las Vegas, Nevada).

  • Porcelanite Lamosa: Best in Show 2012 (Orlando, Florida).

  • Verve Ceramics: Best in Show 2013 (Atlanta, Georgia).

  • Lamosa: Best in Show 2017 (Orlando, Florida).

  • QUORUM AWARD (Mexico)
  • Quorum XIV: Bronze Achievement in Interior Design, Lamosa Stand at Expo CIHAC 2006 & 2007 (Mexico City).

  • Quorum XV: Silver Achievement in Commercial Spaces, Prototype Store at Valle Oriente Shopping Mall (Monterrey, Mexico).

  • Quorum XVI: Bronze Achievement in Furnishing and Interior Design, Lamosa Stand at Expo CIHAC 2005 (Mexico City).

  • Quorum XVIII: Bronze Achievement in Furnishing and Interior Design, Lamosa-Firenze Stand at Expo CIHAC 2007 (Mexico City).

  • Quorum XIX: Award in Stands, Commercial Spaces and Exterior Design, Lamosa Stand at Expo CIHAC 2010 (Mexico City).

  • PRISMA AWARD (Mexico)
  • V Award in Mexican Interior Design 2016: Winners in Commercial category, Porcelanite Lamosa Stand at Coverings 2015 (Orlando, Florida).

  • CLAP AWARD (International)
  • CLAP 2016: Selection for the Best Design in Commercial Exhibition or Ephemeral Architecture, Porcelanite & Lamosa Stands at Expo CIHAC 2015 (Mexico City) & Porcelanite Lamosa at Coverings 2015 (Orlando, Florida).


Grand Stand 2

Frame Publishers

Amsterdam 2008

STANDS 10: Arquitectura y Diseño

Jacobo Krauel

Barcelona 2012

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